1. My company is too cheap to send me to a REAL promotions school, like Doug Harris', so I am buying Paige's book instead.
  2. For the first time in radio history, someone has finally compiled an instructional and inspirational guide to the most overworked, underappreciated, and misunderstood aspect of modern radio. Every station in our group will get a copy.
  3. I've met Paige, his wife, and his beautiful daughters. Frankly it pains me to think that they might go hungry. So I bought two copies.
  4. People talk about promotions as being where sales and programming meet. Yet very few companies invest anything in the education of the person is charge of this key part of our organization. Finally someone has.

Steve Jones

VP/Programming, Newcap Broadcasting

This is the one stop shop for all things promotions in 2008 and beyond. The ideas and thought starters are all here... strategic, fun, larger than life, buzz worthy, sales friendly, morning show bits, etc. Plus you won't find a better primer for fundamentals on the best way to structure your Promotions department and execute day-to-day operations.

Keith Abrams

Operations Manager, Clear Channel/Cleveland

Impress your colleagues, appease the sales guy, appear smarter than your average PD ... all for the low, low price of $49. Buy a copy and keep it hidden in your desk to reference at all times.

Scott Sands

Director of Programming & Operations, Entercom/Indianapolis

It’s pretty simple for me. I work in the UK, Europe, the US and Australia and radio is the same everywhere. Sales people have no ears. The last time they presented a decent idea to programming, Reagan was president. The answer? Grab Paige’s book for your sales manager and S&P team. Paige can help your station keep the crap off the air. This way the station and the client both win.

Phil Dowse

CEO, Phil Dowse Media

Marketing without Paige is like "Blazing Saddles" without the fart scene. It’s just not the same.

Michael Martin

Operations Manager for CBS Radio/San Francisco

Every program director needs ideas and thought-starters. Paige’s book is a wealth of promotion possibilities, most of them customizable for your own station. Ideas that will make you say, "Hmmmmmm". Get it, and inspire your key promotion, programming and sales people.

Bill Tanner

President, Bill Tanner Consulting

Paige nailed it, page after page, with valuable and useable information. I'd suggest that this was the most important book since the Bible, but I don't want to seem sacrilegious.

Mike McVay

President and Founder, McVay Media

Paige Nienaber's new book "Promotions From A To Y ('Z' Was Budgeted Out For 2009)" is essential reading for everyone in radio management, programming, marketing, or promotions. Learn what mistakes not to make -- from the guy who has made a lot of them!

Joel Denver

President, All Access

Creative ideas and unique concepts win. They can help secure every penny of an ad budget and exponentially grow ratings when your station can’t afford bumper stickers. So if you are looking for solutions when advertisers want to make cuts and A&P budgets shrink…reach for TWO books that can grow revenue and ratings…Paige’s Promotions from A to Y and I can’t think of the other one.

Kevin Godwin

General Manager, Peak Broadcasting/Boise

Paige has offered very creative twists and ideas to energize programmers, radio sales persons, marketing/promotion staffs and listeners over the years in his dealings with radio stations. This book is another resource to take a hot topic in your market and combine it with an idea here.

Greg Strassell

VP/Programming, CBS Radio

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